Craftsmen Developers
Craftsmen Developers receives Award of Excellence

MBIA’s 2015 Land Development Awards

Craftsmen Developers was recognized for Admirals Landing a 10.45 acre development of 108 new single family attached homes in Dundalk, MD.  Much of the existing site is covered by impervious surfaces from its prior use as a drive-in movie theater.  The property had been previously approved for development for big box retail stores, however, the design was not supported by the adjacent residential communities.  Craftsmen Developers worked with St. John Properties and Daft McCune Walker Engineering to create a more compatible residential infill community that is more sensitive to the use and historic nature of the surrounding properties.  The new community will convert 2.65 acres of the original impervious surface back into pervious green space as well as create new storm water management to capture the drainage area that currently flows off the site and directly into Bear Creek. The overall presence of the new community will bring stability to an aging surrounding neighborhood.

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